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BOP Bunnies is a small, family-owned rabbitry located in Albemarle, N.C. Our goal is to raise high-quality, healthy bunnies with gentle temperaments. We currently raise Lionhead’s and all of our bunnies are handled and played with daily to ensure a great home pet for you and your family.

Great News! Lala and Meow gave birth to 5 adorable Lionhead’s on November 8, 2018. Here is just a couple pictures of the new litter that will be available in 8 weeks:


Breed profile of the Lionhead, one of the newest rabbit breeds, named for the mane of long hair standing up in a fringe around the head. They are small rabbits, lively and energetic but good-natured.

The Lionhead rabbit is the result of a dominant mutation in Belgian rabbits (not angoras). It is the first significant mutation since the recessive satin fur mutation in 1934. The exact trail of their development has been lost, however rabbits with “beards” were present in France in the mid-1960’s. Ms. Meg Brown, renowned rabbit expert of Scotland, reported that these “bearded rabbits” closely resembled today’s lionheads. Belgian breeder Mr. Ronny de Clerq began breeding Lionheads in 1970. Through in-breeding and cross-breeding, he is credited with stabilizing and enhancing the breed as it is known today. At first weighing 3 kg (6.6 pounds) or so, he crossed his Lionhead bunnies with smaller dwarf breeds. This reduced the size of the breed, and it also introduced multiple color genes into the gene pool.