Rabbit Sales Policy

BOP Bunnies

Please read my sales policy before purchasing one of my rabbits. By inquiring about any of my rabbits, you hereby agree that you have read this policy completely and agree to all information.

My rabbitry is a closed rabbitry, which means for the privacy of my home and safety of my family and my rabbits, I will meet at a public location for pick up and locations will only be at fire stations or police stations.

All sales are final. Sales are based on a first come/first serve basis. We have the right to refuse or cancel a sale at ANY time for ANY reason.I do not sell Easter bunnies!
We do not sell cages or train your rabbits.
Deposits are $20 non-refundable. NO EXCEPTIONS!
Rabbits are not allowed to leave until 8 weeks old. Rabbits must be picked up within one week of purchase unless the rabbit is under 8 weeks of age.
All rabbits will come with a care sheet (please read the care sheet carefully) and baggie of transition food.
If you are no longer able to keep your rabbit, we can sometimes take it in for re-homing but you may have to supply a cage. Please note no refunds are given.
Please do not ask me for deals. NO EXCEPTIONS!
Prices are subject to change at ANY time.
We cannot guarantee show quality or reproductive ability. I can give my opinion, but it is only MY opinion.
If you would like a rabbit transported, all costs and preparations are the buyers responsibility. I am not responsible for any rabbit once it leaves my care. We do not ship!
My rabbits are handled from birth and raised to have gentle temperaments. However, I do not guarantee that any rabbit purchased will never bite or scratch.

I am waiting on a non-refundable deposit, but feel free to inquire in case the sale does not go through.
If a rabbit is labeled Pending and you are interested in it, please feel free to inquire because the sale may not go through.

On Hold
A non-refundable deposit of $20 has been received on the rabbit, and it is waiting to be picked up.

The rabbit has been paid for in full, and is no longer available for sale!

We have decided to keep this rabbit.

We accept Cash or Paypal. No personal checks are accepted.

Health Guarantee:
We do not sell ANY sick rabbits. All rabbits are sold healthy, to the best of my knowledge when they leave my rabbitry. Health cannot be guaranteed once a rabbit leaves my care. It is your responsibility to check over the rabbit at time of sale. I will not be responsible for any vet bills incurred after a rabbit has been sold.
At the time of the purchase, I can guarantee that rabbit’s health for up to a week after it leaves my hands.
However, if for whatever reason the rabbit becomes ill within that 7 days (that isn’t stress, over handling,
mistreatment, extreme weather conditions, food related issues, injury, bedding other than paper), I will then get a replacement bunny to you as soon as one becomes available (granted that the original one is
returned and a veterinarian’s evaluation of that animal is provided). Please contact me if there are any problems within the first 7 days after the purchase, and not after the rabbit has died.

If you have questions regarding our policy, feel free to ask!